Wednesday, 1 January 2020

About the Just Wage Campaign

Just Wage is a campaign for lowering income gaps through the use of fixed salary ratios. We want employers, particularly social justice organisations such as charities and trades unions to commit to the principle that the gap between the highest and lowest paid workers should be no more than 1:5. For example, if the Chief Executive is paid £100,000, the cleaner should be paid no less than £20,000 pro rata.

To find out more about the reasons for the campaign, please read the FAQ.

Now that campaign 1, the Unite General Secretary campaign is over, this blog will be used for occasional updates with news from the equality campaign sector.

A highly recommended hub of information in the area of equality and economic justice is

If you would like to publicly support us as a trade union member, shop steward or organisation or even as an individual, email us at justDOTwage AT googlemailDOTcom.